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Kerryn Gunness <k_gunness@...>

am now checking this
can one learn spanish with NVDA?
if so
how is it done?

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I really appreciate the help, and the add-on does work well for me. 
But I have a new problem: typing. I cannot type any of the special consonants. On the web I followed instructions to install the United States International keyboard, and so I can type these accented vowels:


                á = ‘ + a

                é = ‘ + e

                í = ‘ + i

                ó = ‘ + o

                ú = ‘ + u


But the web also says these should work and they do not:

                ü = ” + u

                ñ = ˜+ n

                ¡ = alt + !

                ¿ = alt + ?


I’ve tried with and without the shift key for the ! and ? marks. No luck! Could NVDA be interfering somehow, or is there another way to type these? I'm using Windows 10.

I know about holding down the alt and typing the numbers for unicode but that's really awkward.


Do you have any suggestions?




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