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Robert Mendoza <lowvisiontek@...>

Patrick, indeed that you are right. But, for the low vision sighted person like mine could allow to have a chance to see again however, there service is just mainly cover in the Canada and USA  only. But, i guess it would take place to extend there service or shipped out to other country as well specially here in the Asian part. Though, they mentioned that I could book with them by visiting their office in Canada. Hmm. wish I could have a chance to go there but kinda

expensive and would need viable docs to provide them.

Robert Mendoza
On 5/1/2016 4:47 AM, Patrick Le Baudour wrote:

Hmm, the most  explicit part about it is

Seems it is basically an "augmented reality" device, preprocessing the images before they get to the eyes.
I guess it could be useful in some cases of low vision -not sure of how many that would be -  but it doesn't sound like a huge breakthrough nor willt it do miracles like "letting the blind actually see" as their website says...

-- Patrick

Le 24/04/2016 à 00:55, Robert Mendoza a écrit :
    i went off to search into a net  and found this site about the
device or eye wear called eSight for the visual impaired. Not sure how
viable this type of device. Any comment, suggestion, or experience with
this tool. Thanks.

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