having trouble editing google slides with NVDA

molly the blind tech lover

Hey guys, Molly here.

Does anyone by any chance have  experience editing a presentation in Google slides with NVDA? I have a group project due in a week and we are required to make a slide show presentation using google slides. I was able to   start editing the slide. When I open the document in google drive, NVDA is in focus mode. I can use the up and down arrows, and NVDA says slide 1, slide 2, etc. Using the tab key,  NVDA says title, then hitting tab again it says body. The trouble I am having is trying to edit the text I’ve typed into the    body of the slide. I created the title of the slide and started editing the body. Having exited the document, I came back to do some more work. After navigating to the body of the slide I previously edited, it seems that using the up, down, left and right arrows don’t allow me  to read and edit  the text I’ve typed.  It seems that using the arrow keys moves the slide.  I have screen reader support enabled in google docs, etc. Using NVDA 2019.3.1 and Google Chrome.

 This is really hard to explain and I have very limited experience with google slides, docs, etc. Any advice will be most appreciated.

Thank you

Kind regards



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