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On Sun, Mar 8, 2020 at 02:21 PM, farhan israk wrote:
You should buy a laptop which has Intell core i 5 latest generation processor, 8gb ram and 1tb ssd.
I really do not know how anyone can make recommendations this specific, particularly without a lot more information, with the exception of the 8GB of RAM, which is a good rule of thumb minimum for Windows 10.

My machine has a 2TB HDD, as it's a couple of years old, and with the years of stuff I have on it, including large image and music libraries, I'm still only using around 750 GB.  There are lots of people who use far, far less space than that.  You decide on drive sizes based on what you are actually using and can reasonably anticipate as needed room to grow.  These days I'd never recommend a HDD unless one has huge storage needs and those are on a laptop.  Otherwise the performance boost from an SSD is easily worth the small and narrowing cost differential, particularly on the lower end of the drive capacity range.

Processing power, also, should be chosen based upon the intended usage for the machine.  Buying processing power you have no need for, and no reasonable anticipating of needing, is a waste of money.

Match the tool to the task, always.


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