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For those looking for a new e-mail client, I am now really suggesting that folks consider eM Client.   The free version only allows 2 e-mail accounts, but for a great many that's more than enough.  The Pro version allows unlimited accounts, and is currently selling for $49.95, and it's got other features the free version doesn't as well.

I have never seen something that integrates so seamlessly with Gmail.  Once you set up your account it will automatically synchronize not only your email, but calendar, contacts, and tasks.   From what I've tested so far it appears to be entirely accessible, with the exception of ease of rearranging columns, which is by drag and drop, and I haven't tried to do the emulated version, which I always find to be a PITA.

I would imagine that it will be equally seamless with other services using IMAP and, possibly, Exchange (I have no Exchange-based accounts).

Well worth exploring, and additional feedback on accessibility would be most useful and welcome.

Brian - Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit, Version 1909, Build 18363

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