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molly the blind tech lover

Hi. Lol they are the cutest.

Here’s another one. So the other day I was sitting on the back steps, just having put on sunscreen. All of a sudden Skully runs out the back door and proceeds to lick the sunscreen off my face lol. I petted him and attempted to pull away, I didn’t want him to get sick from doing that. Then the little dude reaches out and puts his paw on my shoulder. It was so sweet 😀 So I petted him some more and of course that got his tail wagging. These dogs fill my heart with such joy. They are so innocent. I absolutely love dogs.  


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Hi Molly,


No need to be sorry.  I love hearing about your puppies.  Keep them coming.  Thanks for sharing.


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Subject: [chat] a cute dog story


Hey guys, Molly here.

Firstly, hope you all are well. Second, I realize I talk all the time about my adorable doggies. Sorry.  . . . But they just keep doing adorable stuff all the time 😀 Maybe it’s because I’m going stir crazy, but I somehow managed to teach my dog Maggie to say “I love you”. 😂 Well it sounds more like “I wove wou” when she says it, but oh my God, it’s adorable 😀  Then earlier today when I took the cover off the box of treats my dog Skully literally started doing this thing where he looked like he was dancing or hopping, or something. He really wanted that treat lol. Ok, I apologize for being incredibly boring. These dogs are my best mates. Seriously, they are just soooo cute.  

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