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I checked a little while ago and their web ;page is still up and I'm sure that if they became unavailable, it would have been widely discussed by those who still use it.

I'm pleased that you will make the information available on the main list.

I wonder how many captchas it can still solve. I don't know how many traditional letter and number captchas are still used as a percent of captchas.


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I'll be happy to add what you've mentioned in that topic while keeping it locked from further discussion. I'll copy and paste your opening paragraph, with attribution.

Per the group rules, which I'll bend when absolutely necessary, only software currently in support is to be discussed on the main group. Firefox 5X isn't, and there is no current version of Firefox (or even recent one) with which Webvisum works. I also thought I recalled the server(s) they employed having gone offline, but I could be entirely incorrect about that.

For all practical intents and purposes, Webvisum is dead.

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