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farhan israk

Thank you.

On Tue, 8 Dec 2020, 7:49 pm soloman s, <teachsolo@...> wrote:
Dear Farhan,
To get you started, I suggest you head on to

I also highly recommend another couple of resources besides the
prescribed book at your college/university,  later for sure.

On 12/8/20, Giles Turnbull <giles.turnbull@...> wrote:
> Hello farhan. when I studied for my MA in creative writing at Swansea
> University in the UK, there was a transcription centre associated with
> the disability team. With any course material that was not available
> in electronic format that I could read with NVDA, they would contact
> the publisher to request a PDF file; if the publisher didn't respond
> they would order a copy of the book (if it wasn't already in the
> library) and then scan it and run it through optical character
> recognition for me.
> However, if there are graphical symbols used to indicate certain
> phonetic aspects or phonology markings, then there's probably nothing
> you can do to enable NVDA to speak them.
> I would expect that if I had had something like that on my course, I
> would have asked if the transcription centre could make me a text
> version of the book, and that they also record audio descriptions of a
> couple of sentences before the symbol, and then explain what the
> symbol looks like and its official name.
> If you are likely to have examinations that might include such
> symbols, the disability transcription centre would also need to make
> sure that the exam questions are suitably described.
> I don't know if the information on this webpage relates only to people
> living in America (I lived in America for 5 years though not as a
> student), but it talks about some of the options for finding
> accessible copies of books for visually impaired people:
> Best of luck with your studies :)
> Giles
> On 12/8/20, farhan israk <> wrote:
>> I am a student of BA in English. I have a course of phonetics and
>> phonology. Study metarial of this course is not accessible. Where can I
>> get
>> accessible study metarial?

With warm regards
Solomon S

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