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See my initial answer on the Windows 10 for Screen Readers Group.

I will also ask that you please adhere to what I asked of all Group/Subgroup members with regard to crossposting/multiposting, and that's not to do it.  This was just requested yesterday:
You will not post the exact same question to multiple groups or forums at the same time.  A very great many members of any one tech community are members of many others, and they don’t need or want to see the same question in twenty places.  Ask sequentially.  If you don’t get an answer after asking in one place, always wait at least a few hours to a day, before asking elsewhere.  If you want to know why a very great many in the cyber world do not consider multi/cross posting to be at all acceptable, then read:  On Posting to More Than One Online Support Forum for the Same Issue – AKA Forum Cross Posting.  The principles apply whether it’s online forums or email lists or both involved.


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