wifi mesh networks



What are your guys thoughts on wifi mesh.

I have been moving slowly upgrading things as I have needed to.

My last push was to update my old isp controled router to another isp controled router using duelband.

This is fine but after that I upgraded my extender to a single netgear fastlane unit.

This is all and good but now its all going mesh where there is always 1 point and no extentions.

I have been looking at all mesh systems, obviously netgear would be one option as I have used it.

Unsure about tp link or dlink but the google stuff is quite smart and could be usefull for obvious reasons.

Is it worth going to a smart mesh system like google.

I can get a single point for about 250 dollars here, or should I use more.

With all the smart stuff going on, I'm not sure but at the same time its a bit more powerfull.

Its just another push to the next thing slowly.

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