Re: External sound card recommendations

David Mellor

Some interfaces support "multi client". If they don't and you use high quality music editing software which tend to use exclusive mode for the sound drivers then you won't get the screen reader and music out through the same channel. You'll then likely have to get a cheap analogue mixer to mix the two together to get them out through the same headphones or speakers.

I don't know if the USB cable quality would matter though. They should all preserve digital accuracy.

I would see if any of them have a digital volume limiter to avoid getting the eardrums blasted by unpredictable volume levels as is often the case with youtube. This is best done in digital in the PC software or by the device if that's an actual thing any of them do.

I'm also really interested in cutting down on the electro-magnetic interference. That leads into investigations of using optocouplers and questions of how to power them, so USB batteries, 5v solar panels or super effectively screened power supplies.

Does any one have an interest in EMF, whether for sound quality or health?



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