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On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 02:07 PM, farhan israk wrote:
There is no such check box to turn on auto capitalise
Oh, yes there is, and it is a checkbox with precisely the phrasing noted in those instructions.  First option in the General tab of preferences, accessed precisely as described in the instructions.

In that very same Tools Menu, immediately beneath the Preferences option and the last item in the menu, is Accessibility Settings, and the very first Accessibility Setting is a checkbox for Turn on screen reader support, which, if activated, allows for the selection and deselection of Braille Support and Collaboration Support.  It may have other effects of which I am not aware, as I do not use Google Docs.

A web search on "Using google docs with a screen reader" turns up hundreds of documents on same, a very great many of the ones near the top of the results from Google, but there are others from third parties.  Something any screen reader user needs to do before using any unfamiliar software, and particularly something produced by Google or Microsoft, is to do a web search on, "Using {insert thing here} with a screen reader."  Both of these companies produce extensive documentation on how to use virtually any software they distribute in conjunction with a screen reader, and most of them "get to the guts" of any preliminary setup you may need to do to make use with a screen reader easier right up front.

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