locked Re: Assistance with NVDA remote


As this would be entirely on-topic on the main group, and you actually started the same topic there, I am locking this one.

It is considered bad netiquette to crosspost or multipost the same question multiple places at the same time, even more so when those two places are part of the same Groups.io parent and subgroup structure.  Keep an eye on your topic on the main NVDA Group.

I suggest you have a look at 25 Forum Posting Etiquette Tips


These went online in 2007, which is an eon ago in the computer world, but remain relevant to this very day, and apply to emailing lists, too. The only tip that hasn’t stood the test of time is the recommendation to use plain text instead of HTML formatting, which has long since become the de facto standard.  The tip I’d substitute for that one is this:

Please, when you send a message asking for assistance and find the answer, don’t post something like, “It’s OK, I fixed it,” and leave it at that.  It's rude to leave the readership hanging once you've determined a solution. If you were looking for how to fix it, later searchers will also be looking for that answer.  Since you know how, add the, “and here’s how,” part afterward.  Many will bless you, even though you won’t know they do.


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