Re: Seeking Feedback Regarding Your Experiences With Asus and VivoBook Laptops

Don H

Only thing I noticed on the Asus laptops I have looked at is there is no
headphone jack so you have to use bluetooth or something to use headphones.

On 11/23/2021 11:04 PM, David Goldfield wrote:
The Microsoft store is offering a Black Friday deal selling this Asus
VivoBook K513 laptop
for $799.00 featuring a 1 terabyte SSD, 16 GB of RAM and an 11^th
-generation I7 processor and I have to confess it’s calling to me. I’m
considering it as my current Dell Latitude laptop is fabulous but can’t
officially run Windows 11 and I’d like the option to install that OS.
This laptop seems to check all of the boxes I really want. It doesn’t
have an ethernet port which I’m really spoiled by with my current laptop
but an inexpensive hub would surely take care of that. The reviews for
this Asus are generally favorable. Reviewers love the OLED screen which
as a blind person doesn’t matter to me. I’d prefer something a tad
smaller but so far I haven’t found any laptops with these specs for the
price. I also acknowledge that I could just continue to use Windows 10
on my current laptop knowing full well that any modern laptop I could
buy by 2025 would be even better than what I could buy today and so this
purchase is hardly urgent. I’m just wondering if any of you have any
experience with Asus, good or otherwise, and if you feel that this
particular purchase at an $800.00 price is worth it or are there reasons
for avoiding it that I’m not considering.

Many thanks.

David Goldfield,

Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

JAWS Certified, 2019

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