Re: Seeking Feedback Regarding Your Experiences With Asus and VivoBook Laptops


I believe there are very cheap sound cards that are like adapters that you can plug into a USB port and on the other end, plug in headphones or anything with the compatible plug, I expect a one-eigth inch plug.
I think its absurd not to offer a standard analog jack.  But I believe there is an easy way around the problem.

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Only thing I noticed on the Asus laptops I have looked at is there is no
headphone jack so you have to use bluetooth or something to use headphones.

On 11/23/2021 11:04 PM, David Goldfield wrote:
> The Microsoft store is offering a Black Friday deal selling this Asus
> VivoBook K513 laptop
> <>
> for $799.00 featuring a 1 terabyte SSD, 16 GB of RAM and an 11^th
> -generation I7 processor and I have to confess it’s calling to me. I’m
> considering it as my current Dell Latitude laptop is fabulous but can’t
> officially run Windows 11 and I’d like the option to install that OS.
> This laptop seems to check all of the boxes I really want. It doesn’t
> have an ethernet port which I’m really spoiled by with my current laptop
> but an inexpensive hub would surely take care of that. The reviews for
> this Asus are generally favorable. Reviewers love the OLED screen which
> as a blind person doesn’t matter to me. I’d prefer something a tad
> smaller but so far I haven’t found any laptops with these specs for the
> price. I also acknowledge that I could just continue to use Windows 10
> on my current laptop knowing full well that any modern laptop I could
> buy by 2025 would be even better than what I could buy today and so this
> purchase is hardly urgent. I’m just wondering if any of you have any
> experience with Asus, good or otherwise, and if you feel that this
> particular purchase at an $800.00 price is worth it or are there reasons
> for avoiding it that I’m not considering.
> Many thanks.
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