Re: Seeking Feedback Regarding Your Experiences With Asus and VivoBook Laptops


On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 08:38 AM, Gene wrote:
I think its absurd not to offer a standard analog jack. 
Not that I don't agree with you, but the trend toward trying to create the "lightest and thinnest" laptop continues unabated.  And that involves jettisoning a lot of things that were considered "standard" for years.

The number of USB ports is shrinking, many don't have an HDMI port, optical CD/DVD drives have almost vanished from anything other than business class laptops, and they are disappearing even from those.

One of the reasons I'm clinging to the laptop I have is because it has a CD/DVD drive.  I still pick up CDs at thrift shops frequently that I want to digitize into my MP3 library.  You just can't do that without an optical drive, and having to hook up an internal one every time you want to do so makes the process much more cumbersome than just "popping open the optical drive tray."

Laptops as a class have been way more than "portable enough" for me for years.  And I've never used any laptop "on the road" nearly as much as I do right here on my desk.

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