Re: changing page and font size on google doc

farhan israk

Thank you. I have also tried to change page pressing page up or down. It does not work.

On Mon, 29 Nov 2021, 3:57 am Sascha Cowley via, <> wrote:
You cannot use NVDA+F to announce font attributes in Google Docs, due to the way it has been developed as a web app. The keyboard shortcut to use in docs is Alt+Ctrl+A then Alt+Ctrl+F. Have a look at ehe Accessibility menu (Alt+Shift+A) for more accessibility features of Docs, such as jumping between headings, announcing comments etc (unfortunately some of these shortcuts conflict with the NVDA shortcut key that you may use, Alt+Ctrl+N).
To move among pages, just use page up and down without Ctrl. As you have discovered Ctrl+Pgup and Ctrl+Pgdown are standard hotkeys for switching among tabs in tabbed applications.

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