Re: credit card applications


Those scams are on the rise.

I get them a lot.

The name and email address they came from and going to is usually garbled.

Of course my aunt has almost fallen for 1.

Did fall for a computer support scam while at work.

She did have an actual support claim which took ages to come.

Only stopped when they asked her for cash.

She got a computer person to fix her stuff.

They simply deleted everything and she had to restore from backup but she was at work so it was ok.

I had a friend who got one, he was told he had to delete all his hard drives, and his backups and everything else.

Lost everything bar backups he had off sight.

If there is an issue, for example my brother had one with american express a message appeared that someone was trying to access his account and they sent him another card.

The closest to this you will get is a message or call from the bank saying someone was trying to get in or did get in.

They will ask you for your informmation.

They will then ask you to physically appear at your bank to confirm and check.

But its easy to fall.

There are a lot more scams.

Gmail often blocks legit mail now spam can get past google's own spam system.

Its the way it is now.

Scammers can be anyone.

Its fine if you know what to do but unless you want to carry on and waste time I would ignore them.

On 2/12/2021 11:01 am, Gene wrote:

No reputable bank would send such a message to try to get you to get their card.  It would be a good idea to check directly with the bank, don’t use any link or phone number or anything from the message.  there may not be anything you need do regarding protecting yourself but at least you would know if the letter is legitimate and if someone is trying to open an account using your information.
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From: Don H
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2021 3:08 PM
Subject: [chat] credit card applications
I got a letter from CITI Bank saying I had applied for their credit card
but my application could not be completed because my Credit reports are
Frozen.  I did not apply for such a card that possibily means someone is
trying to use my name.  On the other hand maybe it is CITI Bank attempt
to get me to apply for their card.
Has anhyone else got similar letters from CITI Bank?
I have all my credit beaurals frozen so I am not too conceerned about
fruad at this point.

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