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Dave Grossoehme

Sorry this is a little late.  However, if this person is looking to work at a call center, then Marriott Hotelsd use blind people..


On 11/29/2021 2:21 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Your local blind organisation list will have jobs.

The following companies I know have jobs or could be looking.

This came on my desk as an emergency load.

I did a job with them 2 weeks back.

It payed half of my audioquest dragonfly red which arrived today, fully registered and updated and sounds amazing.


level access.

There are jobs but they may be american ones never got a responce back but yeah they are probably good.

I have not had a job from them for a while.

Access advisers.

Not sure if this is international or just local but yeah there are potential jobs though not recent.

Next, check out your local university.

True you may need help getting in the door and not sure how to do that.

I was bored one day and used a contact who's mobility teacher's husband just happened to be a professer in psychology and well I got in that way right up to test pilot level.

But it may not be that easy for you, ring about.

The final thing to try is your local disability ministry or whatever they are if there are jobs.

I am not sure how to do this as such as I was contacted by local people on my organisations lists.

Off the top of my head.




if you look at

then find and download a file called listolists.txt there are lists of stuff in there.

Some may work others may not.

These were setup as a temperary database because the local org just didn't compile things.

And thhe lazy gits on the lists I asked about said I should do it myself because obviously they didn't want to bother.

So for the sake of the users I put it together.

Don't expect me to forking update it though.

I mean its there and it works but its there for a different thing than what it is.

Aden I did notice you are using a cloud email so it would help to know where you live.

Anyway there are places you should be able to go but I don't know all of them.

On 29/11/2021 7:10 pm, aidan gamble wrote:

Hello everyone, please kindly assist me with group lists to join different mailing lists, for technology jobs and social opportunities

Please also let me know if I can find computer courses and exams online as I am attempting to build a computer training course with exams for the workplace and to train companies


Aidan Gamble

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