Re: Pontes media downloader issues, need help please


Well looking at yt-dl on github it also has the ffmpeg builds.

Now for those having an issue I do wander what would happen if you backed up youtubedownloader.exe, named yt-dl.exe youtubedownloader.exe and tried to get the vid with that?

Have you contacted pontes on this.

If no one has I will try to do so and see if they can update their program.

On 17/12/2021 5:02 pm, arqam mehmood wrote:
Hi all.
Pontes media downloader uses youtube-dl for downloading of videos. and
youtube-dl is outdated now.
That's why downloading speed is very slow.
now, another tool yt-dlp is working as same. if developers of pontes
could update pontes media downloader with yt-dlp, problem can be
but I couldn't understand your error. can you explain the error to me again?
Regards, Arqam Mehmood.

On 12/16/21, Dennis Clark <dennis@...> wrote:
Hello Dan,

It seems that Pontes Media downloader is now being blocked by youtube.
At first it appeared to be in just a few geographic regions, but it is
now pretty universal. I just posted a method for downloading mp3 or mp4
files from youtube, and it works well. Let me know if I can help.



On 12/16/2021 5:24 AM, Dan Thompson wrote:
Greetings, Media pontest media downloader is not converting my files
from youtube or putting them in the folder designated.  Is anyone else
having that problem.  I have uninstalled version two and reinstalled
it a few times. Then I tried version 3.0 and neither one is working.
Does anyone have ideas how to get it working again or another
accessible conversion program?  Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas
to all.


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