Re: strange behaviour on google doc with nvda

farhan israk

Thank you.

On Fri, 17 Dec 2021, 8:10 pm Dave Grossoehme, <dave@...> wrote:

It sounds like this counter is starting at 0.  In which case this would be correct.  If you ask for the first paragraph the counter is at 0.  If you ask for the second paragraph the counter is at 1.  If you ask for the 3rd paragraph the counter is at 2, in which case you would be reading the 2nd paragraph instead of the 3rd paragraph.  Has anyone looked at the paragraph counter for the nvda counter for the program or application you are reading from?  I have seen this happen in older computer coding such as the c language.


On 12/11/2021 11:20 AM, farhan israk wrote:

I use windows 10 21h2, nvda 2021.3 and google chrome latest. I use google doc. Sometimes, I notice strange behavior. If I try to read a paragraph, sometimes nvda does not change focus as it is expected. For example, I want to read the third paragraph. if I navigate paragraph by paragraph, nvda reads the second paragraph instead of the third paragraph. The performance of my computer is smooth. it does not hang. I even checked the changing window that time. it changes immediately. Sometimes, if I delete a character, nvda does not announce the deleted character. actually sometimes it announces and sometimes it does not announce anything during deleting characters. How can I fix them? Both screen reader and braille support are enabled. I do not have any brail device.

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