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Dennis Clark

Hi Richard,

I think I knew that at one time, but I forgot about that command. Thanks for the reminder.


On 12/17/2021 7:41 AM, Richard Wells wrote:

I have found that ALT+D will always focus the address bar with the content of the address bar selected. So far, I have not found a browser that does not support this way of doing it and it always takes focus straight to the address bar. The first press of F6 will not necessarily move focus to where you want it.

On 12/17/2021 9:14 AM, Gene wrote:
If those using the newer Edge use f6 to get to the address bar, that browser isn’t set up in the usual way.  You need to press it twice.  You can get to the address bar in other ways as well but its good that f6 is being discussed since it is an important command to know aside from the use we are discussing.
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Hello Dan,

I apologize for causing more confusion than clarity. I typed my response in a rush, and should have waited until I had more time to be clear.


The method I was describing is not a program like Pontes that one would download and install. It is instead simply a web based service, which will access the YouTube video at the address link specified by the user, then copy that video to its website for processing. Once it is finished processing which takes a few seconds, it provides a link a user can click on, and download the video or audio file to a local computer.


The website for the service I described is:


The service can be used 2 different ways.

The way I initially described is the quickest method, because it eliminates a couple of steps.

The second method works as follows.


While on the YouTube webpage for the audio or video that one wishes to download, the address link for that specific youtube must be copied in some way to the clipboard just as is the case with Pontes Media Downloader.


I always do this by pressing function key 6, and this takes me to a window which contains the entire youtube link and nothing else.

I just tested again on my computer since others are apparently obtaining a different result which leaves me puzzled.

I just went to a youtube video page using Brave, Google Chrome, and Firefox, and pressing function key 6 in each browser provides the youtube page address.


So I guess I would say that using whatever people use to copy the YouTube address to the clipboard when using Pontes Media Downloader should be followed here also.


Once that youtube address is shown, the user has 2 options when using the service to download a video or audio.


The first method is the one I described in my previous post, which is to simply edit the displayed address by inserting the 2 characters 5s into the address, then pressing enter.


If the YouTube address being displayed is:


Edit/modify  the address by inserting the 2 characters 5s after youtube and before .com so that it reads as follows:


After making this 2 letter modification to the youtube address, pressing the enter key will automatically take a user to the website with the conversion and download ready to go by simply clicking the get file button, then pressing enter on download file.

The alternative method for using the service is similar to Pontes Media Downloader, though there is no program to download and install like Pontes. Everything is done using your web browser.


The first stetp as with Pontes is to get to the YouTube video address in whatever way you typically do, for me funtion key 6.

Once there copy the address to the clipboard.

Next point your browser to the website,

Once there, a form field is available where you must paste the YouTube address from your clipboard into the field.


Click on the button which says get video.

In a few seconds a link will appear which says download, so click on that link.

The standard Windows download options are presented for downloading to your computer.


This is certainly not a replacement for Pontes Media Downloader. Pontes is especially wonderful since it enables the downloading of entire playlists. I do find my downloads to be quicker than with Pontes, but this does not offset the loss of being able to download playlists.


Please let me know if I can provide any additional info.

Warmest regards,






On 12/16/2021 5:42 PM, Dan Thompson wrote:

Hi Denis, is great to hear from  you.  Yes, you can help.  What is the program you used to convert, where do  you get it and where do the files go?  Thanks for responding!!!


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Hello Dan,

It seems that Pontes Media downloader is now being blocked by youtube. At first it appeared to be in just a few geographic regions, but it is now pretty universal. I just posted a method for downloading mp3 or mp4 files from youtube, and it works well. Let me know if I can help.




On 12/16/2021 5:24 AM, Dan Thompson wrote:

Greetings, Media pontest media downloader is not converting my files from youtube or putting them in the folder designated.  Is anyone else having that problem.  I have uninstalled version two and reinstalled it a few times.  Then I tried version 3.0 and neither one is working.  Does anyone have ideas how to get it working again or another accessible conversion program?  Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to all.


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