Re: Seeking Remote Support Options


Is there any reason not to use Edge where you can't use Chrome at this time?  Edge is considered a better browser.

I don't know the answer to your specific question but is it worth spending the time on it if Edge works just as well for your purposes?


On 2/15/2022 2:23 PM, David Russell wrote:
Hello NVDA Members, Chat group,

I am looking for remote support help as problems continue after
conferring with the Disability Answer Desk earlier today. As best I
can figure, my windows 10 underwent a major alteration on January 9 or
January 8. This is due to either a cumulative windows update,
KB5010342, or to a revision within Google Chrome, or a third prospect
not known.

The Support person felt the issues are not windows related, but
website issues respective to that website. I am now using the Edge
Browser for now, not Chrome.

I cannot on my own, initiate uninstall, or an elevated command prompt
from the windows searchbox, and then choose to give myself
administrative privileges. The support person would not do this with

Can you recommend affordable support measures within the U.S. that can
be done by appointment or call-in?

I live in a semi-rural area, so transportation is an issue during the week day.

Thank you for your input. I am baffled to be totally honest.

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