Re: Books/Tutorials aimed at someone new to Windows & the PC who also has significant visual impairment or is blind

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Ah no problem.  Yes that can get tricky.  There is an argument that with something like Macular Degeneration it is worth learning a screen reader early because you never know when or how fast sight can change.  It does add an extra layer of complexity when first learning the PC though, particularly for someone still able and keen to use the mouse.

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Much appreciated, but in this case the client is not a screen reader user.  He has significant, but now pretty stable, macular degeneration and we are using ZoomText and a 55-inch large screen TV as the monitor in conjunction with each other.  

He's also an interesting case because while he can use a mouse, and will have to in certain circumstances for practical reasons, he is also going to be using keyboard shortcuts to a very great extent on my advice.  There are certain things he can accomplish much more easily via the keyboard versus point and click.

This client is the most "in between" situation I've had in quite a while as far as his visual profile and a complete outlier as far as having no previous computer experience.  I am entirely used to "winging it" when it comes to re-teaching someone who has computer experience how to do what they once did with point and click with a screen reader instead, or even with magnification software and a reader as part of it when needed.  But I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to do what amount to lesson plans for the complete computer neophyte.  It's a mindset I am so far past, and that I haven't generally worked with in years, that the "simplify and organize" part is proving challenging.

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