Re: How to understand MS Word deletions and insertions

Luke Davis


You wrote:

Do you want to see the edits?
The basic answer is: for this document itself, just reading it without them is sufficient.
But in other cases, actually being able to comprehend what is going on, might be very important.

Moreover, the fact that UIA doesn't indicate that there even are edits, or that track changes is turned on, is very troubling in light of #13437 being about to be adopted.
In my opinion UIA as default should absolutely not be the case while NVDA can't determine from it that the document you are hearing has text that will not appear in the final version.

> If not, you can show only the final version:
Press alt+r to open the review ribbon
Press z then t to choose "Tracking"
Press t then m to choose show markup
Press i to turn off showing insertions and deletions.
Thank you. That is a solution to the immediate question of understanding the most edited parts of the document, but I really was hoping to be able to comprehend it with the markup in place. I guess that shouldn't be expected, as Brian pointed out.

I still find it odd though, the way NVDA indicates where the deletion ends and the insertion begins (inside the end of the deletion). When reading the line, it's after the word "proposes". When reading by character, it's within the word.
It seems there should be a more clear way to speak that in the full line read.


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