Re: How to understand MS Word deletions and insertions

Luke Davis

Quentin Christensen wrote:

Tracking of deletions and insertions in Word can become very complex, very quickly.  I should say though, I can turn on track changes, edit a document, and
NVDA - with UIA enabled - will report the changes correctly.
I find that when it is set to "always", it doesn't report them at all. At least not in Word 2019. Obviously that may be different for 16.X, so the PR I was talking about may not be affected.

I think a lot of the complexity can stem from how word records the changes and also how they are done.  Yes it could be simpler, but I think in this case,
NVDA is simply reading what it gets from Word.
I have been playing with it a bit, and I see what you mean. It is very non-intuitive.

If a consistent way of making these changes is used then it might be easier to read a document knowing the inserted text is read before (or after) the
deleted text, but in other cases, it could be either way.  It could even be parts of words - I might remove part of a sentence and make a word, previously
in the middle of a sentence, start the new sentence, in that case, NVDA won't even read the full word as a word, because part has been deleted and part
Well that's what at first seemed to be happening with the word "proposes" in what I sent. It appeared that they deleted the "p", by the way character navigation was specifying the deletion marks. So I thought it should have said something like "p roposes", or "deleted p not deleted roposes".
But that's probably not what was actually going on there.
Not very important at this point, but it helped lead to my initial confusion and started all this.

Thanks for your explanations.


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