publishing content

farhan israk

I have a pc with windows 10 21h2 and nokia 6.2 an android 11 phone. I use nvda on my pc and talk back in android. Which free content publishing platform is most accessible for a screen reader user? . I have tried medium, google blogger and wordpress. I cannot write on medium in pc. If I write something in the title, I cannot read what I have written. I  cannot go to the next step. If I write in medium for android, I cannot apply any level of heading level 1 to 6. If I write in google blogger on pc, I cannot read what I have written in the main body. If I write in google blogger for android, I cannot apply heading and insert link. I created an account but was not able to complete my profile. I have confirmed my email address. If I press create account after typing password, in website, address and fill other details, wordpress shows please try again. Now, where can I publish content?

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