ProWritingAid Web Editor Instructions

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello Chat members,

Gene and Brian, thanks for addressing the terminology used by
ProWritingAid in the excerpted instructions I sent.
Yes, the question in mind is/was more about how to find this icon
i.e., hamburger menu.

This is a classic example of what I was referring to in my other post
about terms that apply to a sighted audience. Gene searching this out
made a perfect illustration of what to do when things like this occur
for any of us.

Recently, I went to a often used website to figure out how to delete
files from the power shell. Now that I have done so a couple times,
voila, it makes sense!

I think:
are two sites that have come in handy for me of late. Like you, I know
point and click means hit enter.
In my experience, is another fairly decent
website for helping one get up to speed.


David C. Russell, Author

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