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Dave Grossoehme

Jean if you would search for the use of Aria for accessibility for the blind, you might find your answer.  The reason is W3 Schools, made this tool to translate Java characters into a code that screen readers can read.  I would have to search farther to find the answer of how this action works. 


On 6/3/2022 5:52 PM, Gene wrote:

I checked again and when filtering by article, all I see is a description that says toggles the reporting of articles, nothing about a move by article command.  Perhaps you know how I might find such a command.


On 6/3/2022 4:49 PM, Gene via wrote:
Here is an interesting Github ticket I found about articles.

I'll look at the gestures dialog again to see if I missed something because the ticket indicates you can assign a key to move by heading.

But as the ticket also makes clear, this moves you to the beginning, the title, of an article.  It doesn't move you to the text of the article.


On 6/3/2022 4:38 PM, Gene via wrote:
I just looked at the user guide and I found nothing about what an article is.  I checked the input gestures dialog and the only thing I found was that I could assign a key to toggle reporting of articles on and off.  I know of no quick navigation command to move by article.  It appears to me that the designation article indicates when you are entering article text.  In short, it appears to do nothing more than I can do using move by heading on a Times page to get to the title or move by landmark to get to the same title when on a page containing an article..

The Times should provide a way to use land marks to move immediately to the text of an article, which often begins about fifteen lines below the title.

If you know of a way to assign a key to move by article, I'd be curious to know. 

On Fri, Jun 3, 2022 at 05:12 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
I believe the Jump To Next/Previous Article commands are supposed to solve this problem. Have you tried them?
I'd never heard of these and will be curious to see what Gene has to say if he tries them.  One would have to believe that these commands depend on some sort of fixed marker to determine what constitutes "beginning of article."

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