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Quentin Christensen

Just to add one more little titibt of information here, the "hamburger menu" became popular on mobile apps / websites and made its way to PC.  It is named because rather than a word (like File or options), it is indicated visually, by a "tribar" or three horizontal lines,  ≡

So it's fairly compact, and as you indicated with other things - once you are familiar with it, it's easier to recognise as a menu.  The name hamburger comes from the very abstract idea of the top and bottom lines being the bun and the middle line the patty.

On Wed, Jun 8, 2022 at 12:13 AM David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...> wrote:
Hello Chat members,

Gene and Brian, thanks for addressing the terminology used by
ProWritingAid in the excerpted instructions I sent.
Yes, the question in mind is/was more about how to find this icon
i.e., hamburger menu.

This is a classic example of what I was referring to in my other post
about terms that apply to a sighted audience. Gene searching this out
made a perfect illustration of what to do when things like this occur
for any of us.

Recently, I went to a often used website to figure out how to delete
files from the power shell. Now that I have done so a couple times,
voila, it makes sense!

I think:
are two sites that have come in handy for me of late. Like you, I know
point and click means hit enter.
In my experience, is another fairly decent
website for helping one get up to speed.


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Quentin Christensen
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