Hamburger Menus and Such

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello NVDA Chat,

This is a bit of an expansion on the thread I started concerning using
a screen reader with an editing tool called ProWritingAid.
The hamburger menu and being able to locate it, is the issue. Chances
are, it is inaccessible due to design from what I read.

I did a Google search on Grammarly Accessibility with NVDA, and here
is the answer from an old group post which was the first Google

It is completely inaccessible with any screen reader. Your best option
would be to change the grammar checker in MS Word to also check for
styles, not just grammar.

If I rely on MS Word then, will I only hear a buzz sound when
something is found to be amiss?

Can MS Word provide detailed info about sticky sentences, redundant
words, mispelling, reading grade level etc?

I am trying to keep costs to a limit in hiring a freelance editor by
doing as much self-editing as feasible.
Thanks once again.

David C. Russell, Author

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