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Quentin Christensen

ProWritingAid definitely isn't as accessible as it used to be.  Once you open a document, the structure of the page seems to be top menu (settings / share etc), then you tab through the list of reports available, then you get to the document sidebar (visually it aims to be kind of like a tree view of your ProWritingAid documents), then the details of the current report and then finally you get to the text of the document itself.  So while you can tab through it all, when the focus starts on the document, if you tab from there, you'll go straight out of the page and into the browsers address bar / controls.

The Summary report you wanted is there, but the way it works is slightly differently - it pops up the report over the top of the window - like some other pop ups, the content is placed at the bottom of the current page, so the easiest way to get to it seems to be to jump to the bottom of the page and work back.

There is an "open in new window" button, and I was hoping that might give us a URL we could use, but it's all scripted and the URL comes up as about:blank - which isn't overly helpful.

It seems to have keyboard shortcuts, and they are likely the best way to achieve anything - for instance when I pressed alt+d to go to the address bar, it instead loaded the Diction, vague and abstract words check.  So that's handy.... except I can't actually find a list of these keyboard shortcuts...

On Thu, Jun 9, 2022 at 1:09 AM David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...> wrote:
Hello Chat,
Since we are back to discussing ProWritingAid,
When I press enter on my account name and user name and then go to the
top via control-home, I scroll down with the down arrow and hear menu
or submenu which I expand via the enter key.
When entering the link for documents, I type in what document I want to view.
Now, only the document itself is shown, no summary report. There is
nothing revealed when tabbing or arrowing to indicate navigation,
menu, report summary, etc.
 I don't know how on earth to get the summary report for a specific document.

I liked this tool for its various measures that a document undergoes
assessment as mentioned by Quentin.

If you are following this Quentin, when is the last time you visited
How is it still usable or accessible to a blind person?

I did make changes in user settings, to restore the classic report
summary 2 days ago.

The person who said Grammarly is inaccessible also alludes that the
other third party resources too are inaccessible.
It sounds like 'inaccessible' means different things to different
people from what has been said here.
I understand inaccessible to mean, not able to use, not able to locate or find.

I do hope to hear from PWA Support soon concerning advisement on how
to use their program in light of these changes.
I do hope Quentin is still on board with this topic and chooses to reply.

Best to all.

David C. Russell, Author

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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