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So the real question is not about nvda, but about the extra files that the software you are installing has put in, then.At the point where these files exist, I feel that nvda then tries to make sure it can use them.

I'm sure I've seen this behaviour before, some time ago, maybe when they integrated java into one of the free office suites?


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I do not have Java installed and am not going to install it.

What's really weird is that Crucial Storage Executive installs the following three files in its own folder hierarchy:
C:\Program Files\Crucial\Crucial Storage Executive\java\bin\JavaAccessBridge-64.dll
C:\Program Files\Crucial\Crucial Storage Executive\java\bin\JAWTAccessBridge-64.dll
C:\Program Files\Crucial\Crucial Storage Executive\java\bin\WindowsAccessBridge-64.dll

while what NVDA installs is a single file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVDA\lib\2022.1\windowsaccessbridge-32.dll

I haven't had Java active on this machine in a number of years because I just don't use it or other things that require it. Your suggestion is appreciated whether I go that route or not.

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