Re: Reply links don't work properly in messages when using an e-mail program


I remember that And I keep it in mind.  Its very minor but its probably an example.  I'll try the current portable version to see if what happens is different but I don't think it will be.

I got curious about this because I was going to tell a person on another list about the reply to sender links in messages but I didn't know why they didn't work when I tried them.  I now know that I can tell people to use them if an occasion comes up.


On 6/9/2022 7:19 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


It could be the version, perhaps there was a bug that's been fixed.

It could be that the installed version uses certain dynamic link libraries (dlls) that are part of Windows that the portable version doesn't have access to.

I really can't say precisely what it is.  But this is an instance of something I've said, and not just about Thunderbird:  there are times when the portable version of a program will behave differently than an installed version of the same program.

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