Looking for Cane Recommendations

Nimer Jaber


I've recently retired my guide, and am back to being a cane user. I'm on the hunt for canes, and I'm hoping that, by reaching out to a more international group such as is found here, I might get some responses beyond the typical responses that I receive from a U.S. group.

I'm looking for a cane. This cane should be light. As light as possible, while also being durable. This cane should be easily foldable, collapsable, etc. in some way, but can not be telescoping unless there is a way to lock the joints from telescoping at inopportune moments, and most telescoping canes collapse too easily. This cane also should have tips that make lots of auditory noise, as I do rely quite a bit on echo location. I don't want rolling tips, rolling ball tips, or most commonly used tips. I appreciate something small and nimble, like a ceramic tip or something like that. The metal glide tips are okay, but seem to fall off or break too easily, so I end up going through quite a lot of them.

A few more things:
* I don't want recommendations for an ambutech cane. Ambutech canes are garbage, most are too heavy, and the lighter ones are trash. Ever since they redesigned the joints, they are worthless, especially in colder environments. They are heavier than most other canes on the market. I do, however, like their ceramic tips.
* Revolutions canes are okay, but the tips are more difficult to replace, and short of using a flimsy adaptor, they do not have ceramic tips... the closest I get to a tip that makes some meaningful noise is their metal glide tips, but those detach and break easily.
* NFB folding canes and telescoping ones are flimsy.
* Chris Park folding canes only support metal glide tips, not ceramic tips, and are quite flimsy as well, with tips falling off easily.

So, if you are aware of any other type of tip or cane, particularly those of you outside of the U.S. that would meet my requirements, please let me know.


Nimer Jaber

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