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I just checked on my Windows 10 machine.  I copied a link to the clipboard in the Dropbox files and folders interface and I did get a notification in Windows 10.  I get none in Windows 7. 

I also got a notice about two files I had added to Dropbox about two hours ago using my Windows 7 machine to add them.  I got the notice on my Windows 10 machine.

I don't use the Dropbox features people are angry about losing and that they discussed in the forum discussion I sent a link to yesterday and I'm not sure if or how they would effect you even if you were hearing notices.  I'm not saying that having a Windows 10 machine would solve your problems but if not hearing notices is an important one, it might improve things.  It appears that you would hear them, but whether the interface allows you to work with them efficiently is something I don't know. 


On 6/21/2022 5:20 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:

Not a route open to us as we have at least five shared users and of different folders on my account alone. Trying to untangle this will mean that many batch files will not work any more.

At the moment the main two complaints are that the interface and alerts went silent a short time ago, and the only changes have been imposed by Dropbox so in my view the whacky now you see it now you don't accessibility is in their court, fairly and squarely, Granted I could remove the program reinstall it and probably either end up worse or no further forward, as if they have tweaked the registry, they have a track record of not removing changes when they do an uninstall.
There are a lot of improvements they could have made in the old system such as sorting as is done in the mobile app, but chose not to do it seems in favour of a flashy new interface off of the tray icon.
Will I soon hear tht they  will stop supporting Windows 7? They cut off XP for no good reason given the security could still be protected by third party software after all, just one assumes because they wanted to use a different compiler, the exact same problem will occur to Python soon.

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