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Ah track changes is not mark up. Mark up is almost a language of formatting like html. What track changes does and its in Word of course, is to keep a record of the history of the document, so beside each change is the old words or spelling. Unfortunately as has been mentioned here recently this falls to bits when you save the file as html as the hidden history splurges all over the document, or at least appears to and the only way to get back is to stay in normal mode, cut the whole document and then save the doc as that, then start a new document and paste the old one into that and then save as html, as then the hidden changes are not shown.


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Hello NVDA Chat,
First, thank you to David, Howard, and Brian for your responses to my request.
I was able to by and large gain access to the document and comments
within the document. I changed the Protected View in MS Word to
Unprotected View. Thus I read through the document and comments using
the View As HTML option.
Brian, I agree, this program by the outside service is somewhat
irksome, disconcerting, or convoluted on the ears at first. I was told
in an email this 'markup' is called Track Changes.

To answer Howard, I sent in a document to an online service called
They returned my document with 'markup' editorial feedback in the form
of word insertions, deletions, or corrected spelling within the
I think this is similar to GoogleDocs from how I understand that to
present information.
The benefit with GDocs, is comments can be emailed to the writer if
preset, and those comment emails are in sequence from first to last.
You need to know your document or have the commenter hint to what
their comment specifically is directed.
The service used by me did not offer a choice of how I wanted
feedback. I knew that from the start.

David, thanks for the term clarifications; yes, it could have been
worded with better clarity, hmm.

All the best,

David C. Russell, Author

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