Re: dropbox downloads

Dave Grossoehme

I will have to disagree with you on Drop Box automatically updating.  If you have Drop Box set to not start at the start up of the computer, it doesn't update automatically.  I have had my computer set this way for at least a year, if not longer.


On 6/18/2022 6:19 PM, Gene wrote:

I'm not sure what you mean by it still uses the old interface.  Are you talking about what you see when you open the system tray interface?  Even if it still uses the old system tray interface, that is worthless as a solution.  Dropbox automatically updates itself and there is no way to stop it.  So even if you install an older version that doesn't use the new system tray interface, it will automatically update and you will have accomplished nothing.


On 6/18/2022 2:51 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Hi all.

For those having issues with dropbox, you can get the latest desktop dropbox at https://dropbox/release_notes.

You should be able to get the latest dropbox full installer from there.

Anything stable is stable and getting that version right now is still using the older interface.

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