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I see no connection between the changes in the desktop application and mobile devices.  There  are a lot of people who use Dropbox on their Windows computers for various reasons.  It may well be that the changes won't be withdrawn but I don't think it has anything to do with mobile use.  There are apps for mobile use.


On 6/21/2022 2:52 PM, Dave Grossoehme wrote:

It would not surprise me, if this will stay.  This is a strike toward the desire for apps on smart phones and lap top devices.


On 6/20/2022 5:07 AM, Gene wrote:
I looked for, and after perhaps six searches, finally found this small article:

I have no idea what it means and there may well be a lot of angry people.  But if there are, I didn't find any forums with searches where they are venting their complaints. 

Who knows why Dropbox or many other companies do what they do?  That's what happens when consultants and PR people decide what companies do and developers who just want to change things because they have to justify their employment. 

We'll see what happens over the next year.  Do you remember when Dropbox introduced its brave new file and folders interface perhaps a year or two ago?  What happened to it?  It was dropped at some point and everyone was switched back to the old file explorer interface.  They no longer had to change it from the new and obviously unpopular default interface Dropbox tried to foist on people.  Will they quietly revert this change?  We'll find out.

As a blind user, I don't want to assume that notifications are gone, but this meaningless brief notice from Dropbox may mean they are.  To really know may require sighted verification.

On 6/20/2022 3:49 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't know if they removed alerts.  They aren't announced.  I have no idea how or to what extent accessibility is checked by the developers.  The problems you are having have absolutely nothing to do with Windows 7.  There is something about your systems causing the problem of not hearing content when you move through the interface.


On 6/20/2022 3:46 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:
Since I cannot get anything from the interface on Windows 7, then that route is out. What on earth possessed them to remove alerts?

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