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I am not advocating spending much time learning about the antics and lives of celebrities but it is of value to know some major stories like this one.  At times, what celebrities do both reflect and shape popular culture.  Whether the story is widely circulated to get clicks or not is not related to whether a story has value in giving a more full picture of our culture and its evolving values and changing morals and customs.


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Well, I agree with you -- I really couldn't care less what these celebrities do, as it's pretty normal stuff actually, and only big news because it's "biga dn important" people who have done it. Didn't think the joke was worthy of such a response.
But here we are talking about it, which sort of proves their point doesn't it? You watched the news, saw the story, and felt the need to vent a little bit about it here. Not criticising you for doing so but if I had a penny for all the people taking to social media and such saying "well who cares about this thing that I saw on the news and blah blah blah" -- the story is trending precisely because it gets people talking. So even if your'e talking about not caring about it, your'e still talking about it. And driving the ratings up. Unlike traditional journalism, this type of news/gossip/whatever is all about ratings.

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Today on the National news the big story was that Wil Smith apologized to Chris Rock for slapping him during the Oscars  a few months ago.  My first thought was who cares.  Anyone else think the same way or is it just me?

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