Re: Totally off topic, but... talking newspapers


On Thu, Aug 4, 2022 at 06:42 AM, Gene wrote:
This subject is on topic.
There's no subject, within the realm of common decency, that's not "on topic" for the Chat Subgroup, as you've noted.

One major reason for the creation of the Chat Subgroup was to get all topics not "on topic" for the NVDA main group somewhere that those who are a part of the community, and who wanted to, could participate in them.

And you are right that the group rules state this clearly:  "The NVDA Chat Subgroup was formed so that members of the NVDA community could carry on discussions of any topic (fit for mixed company) of their choosing with others who are also interested in engaging in them.  Most topics tend to be technical in nature, but they need not be.  True chat is permitted."

I do not send out a monthly reminder for this group because it's generally not necessary to remind people that "any topic (fit for mixed company" goes once they've seen that once.

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