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Is it me though? I read these sort of tutorials and help files and find quite often the help almost, but not quite describes what I'm trying to actually do. I've always noticed this sort of thing. I think a lot of it stems from the over familiarity of the person writing it, assuming things about the readers conceptual view of the software which is not universal.


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Hello Brian and others,
Hurray! I found the Google Support link you referenced after posting
this topic on Tuesday, U.S. time.
It was new and more thorough than what had been viewed by me some
months ago; thanks again.
Yes, one-on-one is the best option, and I hope to in part experience
that with GDocs in collaborating with a couple others on a
forthcoming project.

I will say this though about online documentation from experience: Not
every approach works as depicted in addressing a specific how to
Off record, or beside it, the recent newsletter from the Saturday
Evening Post has an essay by someone singing the praises of the old
typewriter, its benefit contrasted with 21st century technology.
However, the author owns up to accepting and using 21st technology
despite its foibles.


David C. Russell, Author

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