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Yes then once you have it you should be able to use the context menu for Explorer to open with, rather than use Adobe.
What can sometimes upset mail clients is when the method of putting a graphic footer onto an email looks to the software like another attached file.

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How are you trying to access Attachments? If you are not using ALT + M, H [Message Menu, Attachments]

Once you've done so, you should get a submenu that starts with numbered shortcuts that correspond to individual attachment file names, which are shown. I think there's a limit of something like the first 5 files if someone's attached more than that. After that section of the submenu is Open All, Save All, Detach All, Delete All.

Each of the listed numbered files will have its own submenu: Open, Save As, Detach, Delete.

I would hit ALT + M, H, then down arrow through the list of attachments (if the first one is not the file you're looking for) until you hit the one you're looking for, then hit right arrow to get its submenu, and choose the Save As option for it. You can then do a standard Save As where you specify both the folder to be used as well as a file name (if you wish to change it from what it already is named).

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