Re: can't access an attached pdf in thunderbird

Dave Grossoehme

Hi Mary:  Which screen reader are you using?


On 8/11/2022 5:05 PM, Mary Otten wrote:
I have a file that was sent to me as the only attachment to an email; it is a pdf, but it has no text, so I want to open it in a program that will ocr the scanned images. I'm wondering if there is a way on a one time basis to somehow get an "open with" dialogue for this file without changing my default program, which is Adobe Acrobat DC. I was hopeful that right click might do something, but it didn't. I also tried to save the file and then access it that way with my ocr program, but when I select save, the only thing is "save all" and then I'm not offered a place to either change or accept a file name. I have my folder selected, but I'm not seeing a way to actually do the save.


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