Re: Zoom, iPhone or All In One Computer?


On listening to the internal microphone more by recording myself speaking with a recording program, I would say that the not very expensive clip on microphone I have does sound better.  But the internal microphone sounds good enough for typical uses.  It has a certain amount of coloration but it isn't bad.  In a typical zoom meeting, where people are using all sorts of things, a lot of them using their laptop microphones or their phones, some perhaps even calling in, my laptop microphone is certainly respectable when compared to what others are using and for the intended purpose.


On 8/18/2022 2:44 AM, Gene wrote:

I can't comment about cheap ones that sound better.  I can say that the internal microphone on my laptop is much better audio quality than Zoom sends to people.  It has a pleasant sound with a good high end.  Are you sure you don't have enhancements on for the internal microphone?  I turn them off so the sound doesn't have the slight artificial sound noise suppression gives it, at least as implemented in these sorts of situations.  Perhaps professional or near professional implementations do better.

If the clip on microphone is a USB one, you may have noise suppression off for the external microphone and on for the internal one.


On 8/18/2022 2:36 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:
Yes there are some cheap analogue tie clip mikes around that sound far better than an internal pc one for, in the uk at least under 20 pounds. CPC and Amazon have quite a lot.
I'm using an old one from a decent tape recorder from the 70s at the moment.

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