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JM Casey

When you say “messenger”, do you mean the website

I automaticallyt hink of an app when people say “on messenger”.

Maybe that’s unnecessary.

The desktop app works well enough. It’s just your run of the mill web type api I think. It’s nto great, but what the hell, if all you awnt to do is make an audio call, it’s fine. One thing I never was able to figure out was how to join a room. Or maybe it was set up a room. If someoen’s really curious I suppose I can run the thing again and have a look.




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You can definitely make calls on Messenger, whether it be desktop or phone apps. Not sure about Windows app for messenger, however. I say this about the latter because I'm not sure if it is accessible.






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Hey David.
Are you using the desktop messenger app? Or one of the websites?
You can make calls using the app,  and possibly in a browser (not sure about that one though). 
You can also use one of the phone apps.
I don't know that there's a keyboard command to get you there quick and efficiently (maybe there is, but I hardly use any facebook services anymore)..but if you hunt around a whole bunch with the tab key you'll certainly find the call button.
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Hello Chat Members,
I have decided to have someone interview me for their podcast via Facebook Messenger rather than Zoom.
My concern though are these:
a. From the Google Answers: Can you audio call on Messenger?
You can call one person or make group calls in Messenger. From Calls, open a conversation with the person or people you want to voice call.
Question: Using the desktop computer, where do I find 'calls' in messenger?
 Tap . Once you've started a voice call, you can make it a video call by tapping in the corner.
Note: Audio call only.
b. I use regular mobile Facebook not the latest version. Will this instruction as above still apply?
Thanks in advance. I'll see replies in the group digest!
David C. Russell, Author

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