Re: Zoom, iPhone or All In One Computer?

Dave Grossoehme

For more information on this if you wish to try your phone is to go to and search for using Zoom on the type of phone.  If you have a IPhone then you could ask on another email list for information which is  You can subscribe by sending an email to


On 8/17/2022 3:28 PM, Gene wrote:

    I don't know what sort of search you did but the price you are quoting is absurd for a microphone to use on Zoom.

You might find something satisfactory for fifteen or twenty dollars.  I haven't bought a microphone for years so I'm guessing.  But whatever the case, I would be very surprised if you need to spend over twenty-five or thirty dollars.

On 8/17/2022 2:05 PM, David Russell wrote:
Hello NVDA Chat,
I have been trying to follow the example set by member, Brian, and
look up info before posting on NVDA Chat.
My reading about using Zoom tells me I need a computer microphone if
using either a desktop, laptop, or all-in-one PC. A decent one sells
for around $170 USD.
The second option is using the iPhone. But would any extra peripheries
be required if going that route?
As to ease of use, I found articles from the American Foundation for
the Blind, U.S., and
Henshaws Blog, Manchester, AU to be informative.
31 Mar 20
Using Zoom virtual meetings if you are visually impaired
Zoom is an app that allows people to have virtual meetings and stay
connected, as long as they have access to an internet connection.
That quote was suppose to include a link. I see it does not on
reading. It's from Henshaws Blog.
Third, is there a step-by-step tutorial or crash course available
online for using the iPhone and different meeting platforms?

At one time, there was a website with the words VoiceOver in its URL
that has apparently been phased out.
Thanks for helping me chart my direction here on where to go learn.


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