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Brian wrote:

> It would be really helpful if you would identify the make and model of the PC you currently have.

Currently, I’m using a Dell Vostro 15-5510. The audio quality from the laptop’s microphones is actually quite good and many would consider it to be more than adequate but there’s something about the midrange quality that bothers me. Prior to that I had a Latitude E7270 and I have to say that was one of the finest sets of mics in a laptop I could have wanted and I was quite content with it. As the Vostro is also a business-class machine I expected their mics to sound identical but to my ear it’s not quite as rich. Again, I fully acknowledge that many users might not hear what I’m hearing and might accuse me of being extremely picky and their accusation might be correct.




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It would be really helpful if you would identify the make and model of the PC you currently have.

I have a two Logitech webcams that date from the period before when both PC cameras and microphones came standard on the vast majority of computers, regardless of whether they were desktop or laptop.  Both have built-in microphones and I've never had anyone complain about either the video or audio when I've used them (which has been infrequently - when I want audio only I still prefer a phone).

An All-In-One is not a laptop.  It is a desktop where the monitor and all the other bits of the computer except the keyboard and mouse are a single unit, pretty much a display with the computer fused to the back of it.

There are convertible laptops, often called 2-in-ones, that can function as a conventional laptop or as a tablet with the keyboard disconnected.  It does have in common with the desktop all-in-one that the display part of the unit contains all parts of the computer except the keyboard in the vast majority of cases.

External webcam/microphone units are still readily available.

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