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On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 at 08:44 AM, Gene wrote:
I'm going into these things because the discussion has indirectly mentioned resistance to change but not discussed why. 

For myself, I've heard it all before and I actually believe it, too.  The problem being it's not a justification.  It's just not.

I could take the adjective "blind" out of virtually all the sentences where it's used and it still applies to a certain segment of the population.  And that segment has precisely the same reaction patterns.

They're not reaction patterns that can, or should, be supported, but rooted out.  Whether that can be done by a gentle taking by the hand or requires a two by four to the head depends entirely on the individual resisting.  But saying of someone being unjustifiably resistant, "Oh, that's OK, that's just how he/she is," isn't helping them, at all.  It also doesn't result in the production of exchanges that can be useful to other readers, either.  Also, saying that of someone stating something that's factually wrong, that might be accepted as fact when it is absolutely not, is to be avoided at all costs on tech support groups.

Groups such as these are also entirely "staffed" by volunteers, each of whom has their own personality and their own ways.  It's also been my observation that there is always a much smaller cadre of assistants compared to those seeking it, and that cadre is more vital, over time, to the continued existence of any group than those seeking help are.  For that reason, the following applies:

               Those receiving assistance are entitled to ask for clarification as well as free to reject advice.  If you don’t wish to do what your assistant is asking, then state that so that you can both can move along.  Assistants have every right to assist as they see fit, and those being assisted to either follow or reject the option(s) presented.  An assistant is within their rights to withdraw support at any time, for any reason.

Arguing (and I do mean arguing) with a person trying to give you assistance makes no sense.  This is all the more the case when that assistant is not asking for anything unusual or outrageous.

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