Re: Google webmail tutorials

Robert Logue

It helps to look at the view menu when TB seems strange.

I don't use the calendar so I removed it from the view.View, today  pane sub menu, show none.

I must have disabled the calendar some time ago because view, calendar is unavailable on my setup.

TB is very configurable and there is lots of documentation.  I'm very glad it still works with NVDA.  It is just so much easier for me than other mail clients I've tried.


On 2022-07-06 6:40 p.m., Gene wrote:
First, why not use what you prefer?  I see no reason that you have to use the current version of Thunderbird.  People are using Windows Live Mail, which hasn't been updated in years.

I belong to three general blindness technology lists.  I've belonged to one since the late Nineties, and two for a number of years.  I don't recall once seeing anyone say that they were infected by using an old e-mail program.  If you use a really old program, that may be a bad idea.  But you don't have to keep a modern e-mail program current.

If you explain what you don't like about the current version, we may be able to show you ways around what you don't like that will make the program as convenient or nearly as convenient as it was before.

Before taking time to get used to another way of working with e-mail when you evidently were very satisfied with Thunderbird until now, I hope you will do one or the other of these things:
Either revert to an earlier version and not allow the program to update, or discuss what you don't like so we can tell you if we know workarounds.


On 7/6/2022 6:58 PM, Carlos wrote:
Hello All.

Is there a good tutorial for using Google Webmail Interface? I currently use TB. However! Since it upgraded to version 102, it works very strangely. I do have Microsoft 365. But, I'm not sure Outlook works all that well, and how much of a learning curve will be involved in using Outlook?

I am an NVDA user and I do have JAWS on my PC.

Thank You For all your helpful suggestions!


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